What Is a Passive House?

Building your own house is an exciting project. However, constructing a new house requires patience, commitment and of course, a proper financial backup. You should consider many things in advance and make a construction plan that supports your family requirements. Here are some helpful tips that you should consider before construction.

Make a feasible plan

If you want to get it right the first time, you need to prepare a detailed home construction plan that you can afford. A construction plan should always reflect your lifestyle as well as be under your budget. Choose a house plan that complements your requirements so that you can build a house that is compatible for your family.

Stick to the budget

Choose a budget that you can afford so that the construction project can be completed without any delays and issues. Don’t get distracted by expensive home decoration plans and interiors and stick to your budget. สร้างบ้าน

Consult an architect

It is recommendable that seek advice from an expert architect or an interior designer. By consulting with an architect, you can decide where your kitchen, living room and bathrooms will be located. An architect will also give you useful suggestions about the correct placement of stairs, doors and windows. At this moment, you can make specific plans about the lighting and how to use the spaces.

Hire a reliable builder

A builder is the most influential person in the house building project. You should always hire a builder who has a great track record and possesses a builder’s warranty insurance. For timely completion of you house construction, it is essential that your builder is financially reliable. But, most importantly, you should be able to trust your builder.


Your participation in the construction should continue even after you appoint a builder. When you hire a builder, don’t just let them go on without your approval and supervision. Getting involved in the project is very important. It allows you take note of daily progress and you will be able to spot any issues beforehand.

Legal papers

All the concerned parties in the construction project should be handed with a written contract so that you can avoid any confusion in the future. Take your time and make sure that the quotes include everything including payment schedules, labor charge, construction materials and personal information of the construction workers. Make sure that your building contract includes every detail. If you are not familiar with such legal documents, it is advisable to a lawyer.

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